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Jungle Friends Expansion Project

The demand for sanctuary homes for monkeys keeps growing - and so do we!

Expansion Updates!

Current Expansion Goals

For Sale and Perfect for Primates

Purchase Property

Right now we can gain the "room to grow" that will make all the difference for so many lives in coming years.

The adjoining 20-acre property, perfect for our needs, is for sale, and the owner has offered Jungle Friends a special reduced price of $250,000.    Learn more

Build Habitats for Waiting Monkeys

We have only a little buildable space left on our current property, but we want to make the most of it to save as many monkeys on our waiting list as possible. Your donations fund habitats and other expenses so that we can offer a safe haven to monkeys in desperate need before it's too late.

Jungle Friends is proud that, through good times and bad, we have always managed to keep expanding, increasing our capacity to rescue monkeys in desperate need of a permanent home.

Unfortunately, many of the monkeys on our growing waiting list do not have time to "wait it out." If an appropriate home is not available within their time limit, they may be killed, sold, or passed to another undesirable situation.

Take Action for Expansion!

Take action now!

Our ultimate goal is to be "out of business" because there are no more monkeys in need. Until that day, our Expansion Project is a permanent fund at Jungle Friends. We are committed to keep growing to meet the need.

-------------- Expansion Updates --------------

September 2011 Update

Urgent Monkey Rescue

American Sanctuary Association has called upon Jungle Friends to rescue one of the last three monkeys at a defunct Arizona roadside zoo.

The owner has no interest in caring for the monkeys, who are in small, barren, dirty cages eating weeds.

After reading our September 14 Jungle News, a caring couple has stepped forward to save this monkey! Michael and Courtney Connolly have not only donated the $5,000 for habitat materials, they contributed another $1,000 to pay for a crew to build the habitat as quickly as possible!

Now our new little "weedeater" capuchin just needs a sponsor - please Sponsor-A-Monkey today!

August 2011 Update

Yes, that is right, thanks to your donations, another habitat has begun!

Beginning a new habitat

July 2011 Update

Photo Gallery of the Animal Rights Conference

Mario's extraordinary Monkey Art was auctioned off for $2,000 at the 2011 Animal Rights Conference in Los Angeles

Everyone was very impressed with Mario's artistic abilities! One of the conference-goers was so taken by Mario's art she stopped by our exhibit table the next morning and put a check for $10,000 toward our Expansion Project in Kari's hand. Wow!!

June 2011 Update

More habitat construction is happening at Jungle Friends thanks to donations toward our Expansion Project! More monkeys will call Jungle Friends home, very soon!

Third level going up!

May 2011 Update

Wow, great news! We have a pledge for $20,000 from one of our local donors for our Expansion Project! The funds will be put into escrow just as soon as we have a deal!

April 2011 Update

NOW is a great time to make your donation, because we have a matching grant for our Expansion Project. Any amount you donate up to $5,000 will be DOUBLED! Please donate today and spread the word about the Expansion Project!

March 2011 Update

PRICE REDUCTION! The owner of the 20-acre parcel has agreed to drop the price $45,000 for Jungle Friends! We could purchase the 20 acres, with a house, barn, outbuildings, two septic tanks, power and water t/o the property for just $250,000. The price is right and it would mean so much to the monkeys on our waiting list! The monkeys' desperate stories would turn into happy endings in their new forever home!

February 2011 Update

BigTV / Ellen's Animal Alliance
at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

Travel to Florida with Ellen Lavinthal to meet the monkeys of Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. Hear founder Kari Bagnall talk about the monkeys fortunate enough to make it out of research laboratories and to this safe haven, where monkeys can be monkeys.

Our Expansion Project is in full swing!

On February 12th, our volunteer groups celebrated Florida Week for the Animals by building new habitats for the Jungle Friends monkeys.

Volunteers work on Expansion Project 2-12-11

January 2011 Update

Monkey Business

WCJB-TV - January 12th 2011 - new Expansion Project at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!

December 2010 Update

Monkers & The Baby check out the terrainMonkers is just a child herself, but she has become a wonderful foster mother to the baby capuchin who arrived with her and an older baby, Zumie (see October update for for information on their arrival). These three young monkeys are having a great time growing up at Jungle Friends.

Click here for pictures and video of our youngest residents.

November 2010 Update

Monkers has turned into a great mama monkey, carrying the baby, grooming him and making sure he gets plenty to eat. He even has a little belly on him now! To help us rescue more monkeys like Monkers and The Baby, we need your donation expand the sanctuary.

October 21, 2010 Update

Rescue Me! Jungle Friends latest and youngest arrivals have the sanctuary staff scurrying! On Oct 1, three baby monkeys arrived with a group of brown capuchins rescued from a bankrupt roadside zoo.

We knew the group included a nursing mother with an infant, but they were part of a family group occupying a single habitat, so it sounded like a simple rescue. Then things got complicated! The simple rescue became a crisis intervention - read more...

October 1, 2010 Update

Elizabeth with her babyNew habitats are going up at Jungle Friends! Thanks to the generous donations received for our Expansion Project, we were able to say YES to three more monkeys.

Elizabeth and her baby were rescued from a roadside zoo that was being closed down.

Check out our latest habitat, celebrated in photos and rhymes. With the help of our staff, interns and hardworking volunteers, we're ready to receive this desperate mother and child in record time!

Elizabeth's new habitat

July 2010 Update

Chase Community Giving Program:
Jungle Friends wins $20,000!!!

Voting in the Chase Community Giving Award ended at midnight on July 12. On July 13th, the final results were announced. With 1967 votes, Jungle Friends ranked #62, earning us a grant of $20,000! Many thanks to all of our supporters whose votes and campaigning made this possible!

June 2010 Updates

June 8 Expansion Update email: As Jungle Friends national recognition has grown, the demand to provide housing for unwanted monkeys has also grown. We are at capacity, but the calls continue.

Marmosets Confiscated!

Kentucky Wildlife officer with confiscated marmoset

Update from Primate Rescue Center - June 7, 2010

We were proud to partner with the KY Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources when emergency housing and waystation services were needed for two confiscated marmoset monkeys. Giz and MoMo were imported into the state illegally by a Marion County resident in violation of 301KAR2:082. Acting on a tip, KDFWR Law Enforcement officers obtained a court order and removed the animals from the private residence. It has been illegal since 2005 to import a long list of inherently dangerous animals to the Commonwealth - including ALL non-human primates. Too fragile for KY's cold winters, the marmosets will be transported to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville, FL where they will live out their lives in the company of other marmosets.

More about Momo and Giz:

Video: TV coverage - Gainesville

Video: TV coverage - Kentucky

Jessamine Journal newspaper article - Kentucky

Internet article - MSNBC

Jungle Friends is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made on your credit card from the website www.junglefriends.org, by phone at (386) 462-7779, or can be mailed to:

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