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Make-A-Wish Kids

James made a wish to work with monkeys... and the Make-A-Wish foundation brought James and his brother Wesley all the way from Montana to help the monkeys at Jungle Friends. They spent three days at the sanctuary doing everything from preparing and feeding the monkeys' breakfast, to building habitats and helping our veterinarian! James' and Wesley's spirit is inspiring; they love life and it shows!

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Our Kids for Monkeys page is just getting started, so be sure to check back often for more things to do, watch and learn.

Kenzie Came a Long Way for the Monkeys!

Kenzie's family traveled all around the entire country, but for her the most-anticipated stop was a hard day's work at Jungle Friends. We think she has a great future in monkey business!

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Phoebe's Funky Monkey Party

Phoebe at her monkey partyWhen Phoebe had her 10th birthday party, she asked all of her friends to skip the gifts for her, and instead donate to Jungle Friends to sponsor Joni, a disabled capuchin monkey. Phoebe's birthday party for the love of monkeys was a huge success and Phoebe became Joniís youngest sponsor!

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