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Kari on Anderson Cooper Live
Kari appears on Anderson Cooper Live's "Monkids" segment to counteract the promotion of breeding and buying monkeys for "pets." first aired April 30, 2013 (11:45)

"Wild Animal Repo" on Discovery
Kari consults with the rescue crew as 26 capuchin monkeys are taken from a defunct sanctuary in Texas. first aired January 16, 2011 on Discovery (53:04)

Looking to Expand
We welcome two new monkeys to our family, Pip and Zeke. However, space is becoming limited at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. first aired May 24, 2012 on GTN News (03:11)

Goodbye Max
TV20 interviews a tearful Chris as she tells why she has made the difficult, yet best choice to bring Max to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. first aired May 6, 2012 on GTN News (00:57)

Broken Bonds
A documentary about monkeys born behind bars. Witness the miracle of birth in this trailer featuring a monkey in labor, giving birth and nursing her baby. Sadly, this monkey is born into a cage. Happily, this baby will not be stolen from her mother to be sold into the pet trade or laboratory research. coming soon (03:11)

My Child Is a Monkey
Jungle Friends was featured on this Genesis Award winning show. National Geographic Channel - first aired in 2010 and again in 2011. (Total 50:52 in 6 parts)

Wild Chronicles
This segment of Wild Chronicles features the story of Tessa, a young diabetic monkey now living at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. National Geographic Channel, January, 2009 (08:54)

Documentary film about Jungle Friends; view the trailer and story.
ARME/Uncaged Films - release date January 1, 2012 (02:05)

Jungle Friends: The Documentary
The University of Florida film crew and producer/director Davis Tiblier filmed their new documentary at the Sanctuary with host Mayor Craig Lowe. The film will give you a behind-the-scenes look at sanctuary life. Summer 2011 (24.43)

My Florida Showcase visits Jungle Friends to learn more about the primate sanctuary, the problems with captive primates, and how people can help. February, 2009 (06:21)

ABC Primetime: The Outsiders
Monkeys as surrogate children, featuring motorcycle racer Angelle Sampey and monkey Andy, now living at Jungle Friends.
July 1, 2008 (I: 8:02; II: 8:17; III: 5:24)

Inside Edition: Monkey Trouble
If you think monkeys make cute pets, think again! October 28, 2008 (03:12)

Animal Rescue
Animal Rescue features Udi, a critically malnourished baby spider monkey, his arrival at Jungle Friends, and the beginning of his road to recovery. (9:50)

Living with Exotics: Primate Parents
This National Geographic Channel Special features the arrival of three ex-pet monkeys to Jungle Friends. (4:38)

Monkids: Why Monkeys Don't Make Good Surrogate Children
Megyn Kelly interviews Kari Bagnall Fox News, July 2, 2008 (04:39)

Monkey Business
New Expansion Project at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!
WCJB-TV - January 12, 2011

Illegal Monkeys
Jamel Anae interviews Kari Bagnall about Momo and Giz finding a new home at Jungle Friends. WCJB News, June, 2010 (02:14)

Wild Florida: Monkeys
Jungle Friends is visited by Wild Florida, a series produced by South Florida's Public Television station WPBT. (6:15)

Make-A-Wish at Jungle Friends
James and Wesley Cross, two Montana teen-agers with pulmonary fibrosis, wanted to work with monkeys. Jungle Friends made that wish come true. WCJB-Gainesville, Sept 1, 2008 (02:20)

Congress Considers 'Pet' Primate Law After Chimp Attack
Bill Hemmer interviews Kari Bagnall.
Fox News, February, 2009 (05:04)


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BigTV / Ellen's Animal Alliance
Host Ellen Lavinthal visits Jungle Friends and interviews Kari Bagnall about the monkeys fortunate enough to make it out of the labs and into the sanctuary. February 2011 (6:38)

AR Zone OnLine Chat
Host Carolyn Bailey interviews Kari Bagnall on a range of topics, including Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuay and her philosophies. March 13, 2011, 5pm

NCAA Bracketology: Man vs. Monkey
When Scooter was asked to choose a team for March Madness, he pointed and made monkey noises for his hometown Florida Gators.


Television | Internet | Print

Talking Animals
Host Duncan Strauss interviews Kari Bagnall, founder of Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. August 21, 2013

Star 99.5

Florida Forum
Florida Forum interviews guests Kari Bagnall & Bob Ingersoll, discussing the documentary 'Project Nim' and the Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary Expansion Project. October 10, 2011 (27:10)

Hour of Hope 97.3 FM
Host Doug Clifford interviews Kari Bagnall, founder of Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. May 14, 2011, 11:00 pm (12:36)

Go Vegan Radio

Go Vegan Radio
Host Bob Linden interviews Kari Bagnall about the monkeys finding refuge after escaping research, roadside zoos, and public or private entertainment. November 7, 2010 (7:06)

Big Media USA

Big Media USA
Mike's Animal Kingdom interviews guest Kari Bagnall, discussing why monkeys make terrible pets. May 24, 2009 (7:06)


Television | Internet | Radio

Spider Monkey from Ohio Finds Sanctuary, Gainesville Sun article - Read about Amy's arrival at Jungle Friends and view the photo gallery. May 2013

Tails of Gainesville, Gainesville Today article - We think our monkeys have the best tails in this local magazine article about Gainesville, Florida's symbiotic relationship with animals. April 2013

Expansion, Alachua Today article - Kari Bagnall, founder and executive director of Jungle Friends, is hopeful that the primate sanctuary will find funding to expand beyond its current 12-acre site.

Monkey Rescue, National Geographic Kids article - A monkey in danger finds a new home. March 2011

Monkey Tales: Kari Bagnall's Crusade to End Keeping Primates as Pets. Our Town, Newberry & Jonesville, Spring 2011

Gainesville's 28 Most Interesting People - Kari Bagnall INsite Gainesville, January 2011

Kari Bagnall profiled in AV Magazine, publication of the American Anti-Vivisection Society Magazine, 2010

Gainesville Sun video
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary founder Kari Bagnall explains why monkeys are not good pets. July 1, 2008 (02:24)

Primate owners advise against pet monkeys
Gainesville Sun, February 23, 2009

Photo Gallery: Monkeys painting art
Tallahassee Democrat, October 3, 2008

Brothers get to monkey around thanks to Make-a-Wish
Gainesville Sun, September 1, 2008

Primates get another chance at sanctuary: Jungle Friends offers a home to abused, neglected monkeys
Florida Times-Union, November 20, 2006

More Video: Monkey Movies

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