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June 15, 2002

Dear Monkey Friends,

Every monkey that calls Jungle Friends "home" has a story. Tragically not all of their stories are happy. Many of the residents of Jungle Friends lived lives of abuse, neglect, exploitation, loneliness, hunger, fright. These monkeys, as most all monkeys under human control, suffer and are not able to enjoy their lives as nature intended.

Kari has devoted her life, not 9-5 banker's hours, but 24/7, 365 days a year, to provide a second chance at life for these beautiful, intelligent, agile monks. No longer are these monkeys locked up in a small bird cage for display. No longer are they lonely, hungry, sick, frightened or abused. Kari, and her small but big hearted group of caregivers and volunteers, work selflessly to provide a loving, enriching, healthy life for these monkeys. Kari is very strict with the caregivers to make certain that respect is given at all times to these monkeys. "This is THEIR home!", Kari told me.

I never imagined that I would send my monkey Louis Leroy to live somewhere else. I love him and gave him excellent care. He was never neglected or abused. When I realized that I could not get Louie monkey friends and provide for him as I had dreamed, in HIS best interest, I searched for a new home for him. I wanted him to live in a nurturing environment and share his life with other monkeys. I didn't wait until he became older and unmanageable, I took him to Jungle Friends while he was still young and adaptable. I drove from Pennsylvania to Florida with Louie and stayed with him at Jungle Friends to ease his transition into his new home, and most importantly, to observe and critique the care he would receive. If he was not protected and provided for 1000%, I was prepared to bring Louie back home with me. I was not sending Louie to Jungle Friends to un-burden myself, I was sending him to enrich his life.

Every morning when I wake up I think about Louie. I can go about my day, and can sleep at night with peace of mind, knowing that Louis is happy, cared for, respected, and enjoying life with his monkey friends. I look forward to visiting Louie at Jungle Friends and dream to live there one day also.

Kari and her staff are truly angels. From the break of dawn, they are laboring to provide unsurpassed care for these monkeys. And their work does not stop at sunset. When cold weather sweeps through, they are out several times a night checking that the monkeys are warm!

The work at Jungle Friends is never ending. They need our financial support to maintain and expand the high level of care these monkeys require. Even the monkeys themselves do their part to help with expenses....they pour all their creative energies into their "Monkey Artwork". The most beautiful and unique gift you can give or receive, is a personalized work of art painted by these wonderful monkeys. Not only do they use their hearts and hands when they paint, but some even use their feet.

Please spread the word about Jungle Friends and encourage companies, individuals, and organizations to sponsor a monkey and adorn their walls with Monkey Art. Instead of store bought greeting cards, why not send Monkey Cards! By informing people about the wonderful monkey home of Jungle Friends, we can also raise awareness of the plight of monkeys in the world who suffer long, painful lives of abuse and neglect at the hands of humans. We need to get legislation passed banning the sale and private ownership of primates. They need our help and protection.

Just as every human deserves respect, liberty and happiness, so does every monkey! A BIG CHEER FOR KARI AND HER CAREGIVERS FOR ALL THEY DO FOR THESE BEAUTIFUL MONKEYS!!!

Thank you,
Lisa Barnes

May 22, 2002

Dear Kari:

I just wanted to leave a note to let you know how much you are appreciated. You are totally devoted to improving the life of every one of the monkeys that you have rescued. I have never met anyone that puts the animals well being first before their own. We are very fortunate to be able to keep our capuchins and not to have to give them up. It make me feel good to know if something happens, there is a place they can live out their lives.

Thank you Kari, for caring,
David and Susan Schneider
May 16, 2002

Dear Kari,

I cant thank you enough for taking on Rita, the young capuchin that came to our shelter as a stray last September.

Having you as a resource while I had her in my care was invaluable and being able to accompany her to the sanctuary and seeing where she would reside permanently was just an incredible experience for me! I was fortunate enough to be able to stay the weekend and get a taste of life at Jungle Friends.

I was so impressed to see the level of care that all of the primates get at your facility. I have been in the animal sheltering business for over 11 years and have seen so much abuse, so it was a very welcome change to see what a wonderful life all the monkeys get at Jungle Friends! I have passed this information on to everyone I know in the business and wish you great success in your rescue efforts. Keep up the good work, Kari!

Warmest regards,
Janet Alexander

Dear Kari,

It is actually my pleasure to sponsor Tyler and Gizmo. All the thanks belongs to you since without the personal sacrifices you constantly make in order to provide refuge for the Jungle Friends Clan, I fear to think where most of the monks at Jungle Friends would have ended up.The greatest gift you give to me is allowing me to routinely visit and remain an active part of my boys lives.

Lots of love and thanks to you and Nicole for the difference you make for Tyler, Gizmo and the other 31 inhabitants.


June 11, 2002

Hello Kari,

My name is Michael Wade, I was at your facility today to check it out. I wanted to thank you very much for the tour and the information. I was very interested in buying a baby monkey for a pet and thanks to you I see that isn't the way to go. I am interested in doing some volunteer work for you. I found out that I am going to be in town tomorrow and probably Wednesday. I would like to come back out and help out, but it is probably going to be Wednesday about the same time I was there today. I will give you a call before I come out there to let you know I am coming and make sure that it is convenient for you. Again, THANKS SO MUCH for the time you spent with me today, and I feel privileged to have met such a wonderful human being.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK...............

Michael Wade

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