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Monkey Movies

Monkey Minutes | Life at Jungle Friends | In the Media

"1st Annual Monkey Day"
Our first Annual Monkey Day was captured brilliantly by one of our dedicated volunteers... join us for a look back as we anticipate our 2nd Annual Monkey Day!

"Jersey's Journey"
Watch Jersey's journey from rescue to recovery to rehabilitation.

"Jump in to Beat the Heat"
The Jungle Friends "babies" have found a way to beat the heat by splashing around in the pool!

"Watermelon Fun in the Jungle"
The monkeys at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary always enjoy a summer treat. Today they got deliciously juicy watermelon!

"The Easter Monkeys"
The monkeys enjoy their Easter and Passover treats provided by Jungle Friends supporters.

"Puchi Teaches Wendell"
Watch Puchi teach Wendell to use the new ramps in the geriatric habitat they share with ChiChi.

"Welcome Home Wendell"
ChiChi welcomes Wendell with a nice long grooming session.

"Almost Wild"
Life in captivity can never match life in the wild, but we provide monkeys a safe, forever home that is as natural as possible. It's Almost Wild, and it's the best humans can do.

"Let Them Eat Cake"
It's a birthday party, monkey style! Lulu and Dodger share their birthday cake with a bunch of messy, happy monkey friends.

"Annabelle Having a Ball"
Annabelle has a new favorite toy -- a new red ball!

"Frankie & Annabelle: Young Love"
These two were very shy around each other at first. Now these two love birds can be seen grooming and playing every day!

"ChiChi Reunited"
After undergoing surgery to have a mass removed, Chi Chi is reunited with her friends, Wendell and Puchi.

"Halloween Thunder"
Lizzy won the Halloween Thunder Treat Race! Watch her go!

"Halloween Thunder - Trailer"
The Thunderdome spider monkeys get released into their habitat after it's been filled with Halloween treats. Who will get a bag first?

"No Tricks, Just TREATS!"
The baby monkeys got early Halloween treat bags, and all the other monkeys watching got jealous!

"Timmy and Dylan Grow Up: Vasectomy Time!"
Vasectomies for these boys mean they can monkey around without the risk of more baby monkeys born in captivity.

"Angel's Special Summer Monkey Buddy"
It's first love for Angel and Blondie this summer!

"American Sockmonkey Sanctuary"
A funny spoof that sheds light on the issues faced by real monkeys.

"KC Meets Bongo"
Is love in the air? Watch the socialization of KC and Bongo, two 20-somethings from different backgrounds with a lot in common.

"Painting is Deliciously Fun!"
Watch the Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary monkeys enjoy the wonderful world of color as they paint their monkey masterpieces!

"ChiChi and Wendell Playing"
ChiChi was retired from the Circus and Wendell is an ex-pet, they both met at Jungle Friends Primate Sancutary where monkeys act like monkeys!

"Good Night Puchi"
Puchi gets ready for bed. Sweet dreams my little friend.

"Louie the Squirrel Monkey's Arrival at Jungle Friends"
Hats off to Scotlund & Tim with Animal Rescue Corps for Louie's safe travels to his new forever home at Jungle Friends, we love you ARC!

"Stealing Kisses From You featuring BamBam and ChiChi' Habitat"
Video of BamBam and ChiChi who were recently socialized. ChiChi was shy at first, but BamBam finally convinced him that they could be good friends..

"The Seduction featuring Floyd and Phoebe"
Floyd, stolen from his native home and sold into laboratory research for many years, was saved by Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary were he was rehabilitated and introduced to Phoebe. Phoebe was used as a breeder and had her babies stolen from her year after year. She was then transfered to another facility that closed down and then finally relocated to a forever home at Jungle Friends. She grew very fond of Floyd and quickly had him wrapped around her little fingers! Now they are able to live out the rest of their lives together in bliss.

"Munchkin Love featuring Blair and Arie"
"Given to a zoo by a loving couple who could no longer keep her, Blair ended up at Jungle Friends in October 2011 after her male companion died. Arie is an ex-pet who arrived here in the Spring of 2011. These two instantly connected and are smitten!.

"Don't Be a Bully! featuring Tabitha and Dodger"
Dodger and Tabitha are newly socialized white face capuchins. Dodger is hoping for a new friend in Tabitha, but Tabitha makes a quick first impression. Tabitha decides she is going to bully Dodger because he looks and acts a little different. She soon realizes she is going to end up lonely and without a friend if she continues to bully him. Tabitha ask for Dodger's forgiveness and they are best of friends now.

"Dodger's Road to Recovery"
Dodger is a marmoset who had lost nearly half of his body weight and was having trouble negotiating his habitat. We eventually had to take him into our clinic and we have been caring for him there.

"Dodger: Our Tough Little Guy"
"Watch how Dodger is improving and fighting so he can go back to scratching interns and apprentices with Isabelle. He's starting off by attacking the mealworms!.

"A Very Monkey Christmas"
The Jungle Friends monkeys awoke Christmas morning to find lots of presents! There were nuts, toys, cuddly toys, and more nuts all wrapped and ready for tearing in to. A great time was had by all; monkey, dog and human alike. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

"Samantha's Birthday Bash and Christmas Tree Decorating 2011"
On December 18th, friends and family gathered to celebrate the birthday for the girl who started all this monkey business, Samantha! Everyone was excited to watch Samantha and her sister, Charlotte, open all the presents that were brought and sent in! The festivities continued for Christmas Tree decorating and lots of yummy food! It was a great evening.

"Brett Douglas comes to Jungle Friends"
Simon is starstruck when he meets his long time favorite KISS 105.3 DJ, Brett Douglas. After finding out about his biggest little fan, Brett and KISS 105.3 decided to sponsor Simon and make him the official Morning Show mascot.

"V-Day trailer: Vasectomies & diabetes testing for our monkeys"
Thirty Jungle Friends monkeys were in need of veterinary procedures. Fortunately for the sanctuary everything we needed was donated, even our veterinarian, Dr. Michele Martino and vet technician, Lee Theisen-Watt donated their time and services! Many, many thanks to all of our interns, volunteers and supporters for making this happen. Now our boys will have the opportunity to make a love-connection!

"Broken Bonds - My Child is a Monkey Clips"
'Broken Bonds' is the trailer for a documentary about monkeys born behind bars. Witness the miracle of birth in this video featuring a monkey in labor, giving birth and nursing her baby. Sadly, this monkey is born into a cage. Happily, this baby will not be stolen from her mother to be sold into the pet trade or laboratory research. You will also see clips from 'My Child is a Monkey' in this video, where you will see a breeder selling a baby monkey, and two monkeys who were confiscated. This video is a Must See!

"Simon Says KISS 105.3"


"Monkeys Playing in the new 'Cheers' Habitat"
Video of monkeys being introduced to the recently completed 'Cheers' Habitat which was generously funded by the National Anti-Vivisection Society.

"Baby Monkeys with Their Monkey Mothers"
Video of several babies with their mothers being active in their habitats at the Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.

"Elizabeth and Newborn Baby Monkey"
One of two monkey babies resulting from misinformation that certain Texas monkeys had vasectomies. He's a cutie. Do you have a name?

"The Arrival of Blair"
Marmoset given by a zoo to Jungle Friends. Blair shows her adaptation to our primate sanctuary.

"Building Scoo Town"
Watch the building of the Scoo Town Habitat for Sammy!

"Sammy Arrives"
Capuchin rescued from a bankrupt zoo.

"Rescued: Dylan and Timmy"
Jungle Friends to the rescue of these two confiscated baby monkeys.

"Romance at Jungle Friends"
It was love at first sight for Fiona...she knew what she wanted and she wanted Goober!

"Broken Bonds"
A documentary about monkeys born behind bars. Witness the miracle of birth in this trailer featuring a monkey in labor, giving birth and nursing her baby. Sadly, this monkey is born into a cage. Happily, this baby will not be stolen from her mother to be sold as a 'pet' or into research.
New footage added! (10:02)

Baby Monkeys in "The Big Pool"
The baby monkeys - Monkers, Zumie, & Mochi - are upgrading to a BIG pool! Baby monkeys plus new pool equals big fun all summer long!

Baby Monkeys in "Pool Time"

Baby monkeys - Monkers, Zumie, & Mochi - splash through their first pool party at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.

"Good News - Bad News . . ."
The good news - the baby monkey is healthy, nursing and mama monkey is taking great care of her newborn. The bad news - another monkey was born into a cage! How did this happen at a sanctuary you ask? In a nutshell, these monkeys came to us in a group and we were told they all had vasectomies; it appears that one failed.

"Goodbye Jimmy Sr."
Three of our favorite monkeys have left us with aching hearts. Jimmy Sr. is gone, leaving Chi Chi without the loving companionship of the past 10 years. Earlier this year, Lucy and Cappy died together the same night.

"Memories of 'Happy Cappy'"
This is a video of Cappy and Puchi playing. We know you will enjoy this video in remembrance of Cappy.

"First Meeting: Chi Chi and Puchi"
Chi Chi and Puchi have both recently lost their companions and have found each other.


"Baby Monkey Playtime!"
It's not a "Hard Knocks Life" at the Jungle Friends Sanctuary, but there are Hard Questions: what's next that's fun for kids?(03:37)

"Monkers & Baby Monkey"
Eat, Groom, Play . . . Baby Monkeys at Jungle Friends

"Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy"
Abby and Jak have left their 'pet monkey' days behind them and are having a blast being young, foolish, and happy together!(03:37)

"Lime Dancing"
When you get lemons you make lemonade. When you get limes you.....you what?!?! (03:18)

"Jungle Mission"
Who's after who in this monkey vs monkey intrigue? Who knows! (01:38)

"Geriatric Gymnastics"
You're never too old to have a great time with a good friend! (02:38)

"Walk Like a Man"
The Jungle Friends spider monkeys are taking a walk on the wild side. (02:17)

"Bungle in the Jungle"
Our squirrel monkeys are keeping busy and enjoying their Jungle Friends home. (03:28)

"Crazy Love"
Love is in the air when Louie and BamBam meet. There's never been a crazier courtship! (03:11)

"Tamarin Town: From Research to Retirement"
The cotton-tops are discovering the great outdoors, getting a taste of the new, larger life that is now theirs - and reminding us why we do what we do! (02:56)

"Marmoset Village"
Community living, outdoor recreation in a prime sanctuary location... welcome to Marmoset Village! (02:39)

"Rainforest Reunion"
When a few old friends are reunited in a great new habitat, fun and friendship reaches all new levels. (03:02)

"Meet the Monkeys"
The irrepressible Chucky, Teto and Mario are at it again. These wild and crazy monkeys know how to have fun! (01:36)

"BamBam: Run Through the Jungle"
BamBam's new life at Jungle Friends keeps her on the run.
It's great to have friends!

"Andy: Born to be Wild"
Andy always knew he was "born to be wild" and he acted like it. Now that Andy has moved to Jungle Friends, he's so happy to have a wild pal to play with!

"Brown Capuchin Romance"
Mario had never met another monkey like Tessa. Tessa had never met another monkey at all. When these two youngsters get together, romance is in the air!

"The Sweetest Thing"
Tessa is the new girl at the sanctuary and the boys are lining up to meet her. She loves playtime, and her new playmates Chucky and Mario.

"Going Nuts"
See what happens when the monkeys at Jungle Friends receive a gift of their favorite edible 'toy'... these monkeys are going nuts over nuts!

"The Hundredth Monkey"
This beautiful song and video were written and produced by Jungle Friends volunteers. You will love the song and will fall in love with the monkeys!
Please share this video with everyone you know and join in the hope that one day all of the individual acts of compassion across species will reach the 'critical mass' needed to transform the world. Thank you!!

"Born to Be Wild"
Take a look inside Jungle Friends operations and meet Kari and the monks!

More Video: Monkeys in the Media

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